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Please visit the Plum Village website for news about the health of our beloved teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, and for ways to support him with our practice.

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Autumn 2014 Issue

The Autumn 2014 issue, guest edited by Sister Jewel and Brother Phap Ho, is a resounding call to wake up to climate change and give our loving energy to protect Mother Earth.

Thich Nhat Hanh's Dharma talk, "Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth," responds to questions about the global ecological crisis. Integral to our survival, his wisdom guides us to transform our lifestyle and practice the Five Mindfulness Trainings in compassion for life on Earth.

Sister Jewel's talk, "The Burning Pit of Climate Change," examines planetary harm in light of the third nutriment – our volition, or deepest desire. She discusses "gratitude as a revolutionary act" and proposes the need for a council of wise, respected elders as described in the statement, "Council of Elders for Protecting the Earth."

Of this issue, Sister Jewel writes: "From stories of reverent, nonviolent birth practices to allowing sisterhood and brotherhood to be the foundation of our social activism, from planting a rainforest in Mexico to starting a residential mindfulness community in the UK, we hear in each author the echo of a sentence in Thay’s Dharma talk here, 'Love is fulfilling.' And it is this fulfillment that gives us energy, creativity, and courage to go forward, even if we cannot know the final outcome of our actions."

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"The Burning Pit of Climate Change" by Sister Jewel

Statement from Council of Elders for Protecting the Earth